I am now receiving these updates each week on the progress of the ward we sponsored as a club. Photos at the bottom!

latest update 5th July.

Dear Friends,

Following on from our save the date sent out in our weekly Maternity Bereavement Suite (MBS) updates, we are delighted to invite you to the official opening. It will take place on Thursday 18th July at 9.30am at Robert Holme Hall, Scunthorpe General Hospital.  WE MUST BOOK THROUGH STEVE STAMP.

Week 1 Update

Today the site cabin for the construction workers will be delivered. This week a temporary wall will be put up between the suite and the main corridor on Central Delivery Suite (CDS). The internal walls will begin to be demolished and the existing toilet and shower will be removed. We’ve attached some photos we took this morning before the work began so you’ll be able to compare between now and the end of the project.  As you’ll see the suite is currently two old doctors’ offices, a shower and a

Week 2 Update

 Following on from last week’s update the temporary wall has been put up between the suite and the Central Delivery Suite (CDS). Demolition works continue inside the suite area. Electrical points will be taken out this week and the removal of the plumbing in the two existing toilets continues.  We’ve attached a few photos for you to compare the ones we sent out last week.

 Hopefully you spotted us on page 3 of the  Scunthorpe Telegraph and across social media, we released the news  after we’d contacted all of you.

Week 3 Update

This week we had our first Technical meeting for the project. We discussed and confirmed the colours for the suite including material for seating and finishes for the furniture. We have decisions to make about the type of blinds this week. All the colours have been picked by the Central Delivery Suite Team with support from HTF and Architects. We’ve attached a photo of the colours/materials chosen.

Meanwhile the work continues with the remaining flooring and skirting will be removed. The first stage electrics and ventilation will be installed.

Week 4 Update

We’ve had a water restriction in place in this last week to enable new water pipes to be fitted. These have been put in below the suite which is above Ward 27. This has had a significant impact on neighbouring wards this week. We would like to say a huge thank you the teams on Central Delivery Suite, Ward 27, Ward 26 and Ward 25 for all their co-operation whilst this took place.

The stud walls are now in place between the bedroom and family area, along with alcove for the Kitchenette to be fitted. The entrance door to the suite has been made larger. We’ve attached photos for you all to see the difference from last week to this week.

 Week 5 Update

We are almost half way through the scheduled plan for the work on the suite, we can’t believe it! More water works will continue this week including installing both hot and cold water systems.  The suite will begin its second fix of the hot and cold water services along with the new suspended ceiling to be installed.

Week 6 Update

Good afternoon, Health Tree Heroes, we hope you have all had a lovely Easter Weekend.

We are delighted that we are now officially half way through the plan and the progress has been great so far. Our email today is slightly later than usual as we attended a progress meeting this morning.

The new ceiling is now in place and the plastering of the ceiling and the rest of the room will take place this week. The radiators will be removed this week and some of the initial wiring will be installed.  There will also be some further water shut downs taking place later this week, which will be communicated to the departments affected.

Week 7 Update

This week the floor in the suite will begin to be laid and fitted with a completion of the flooring by the end of the week. The white rock splash back will be fitted in the kitchenette and shower room. Second fixings of the electric will take place along with a second fix for the radiators and ventilation in the suite.

Week 8 Update

We’ve been to the suite this morning to take pictures so they’re hot off the press.

As you’ll see from the pictures the shower has now been installed along with the sink in bedroom. The call buzzer system has been fitted. The Kitchenette is well on its way to being completed.

Although you can’t see it from the photos the flooring has also been laid and there is currently a protective cover over the floor. This week another water shut down take place which will affect Ward 22, 25, 26, 27, Central Delivery Suite and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at various points in the week. The water systems will continue to be flushed out until the project is finished

Week 9 Update

We cannot believe that we are at week 9 and just two weeks away from the planned completion date of 24th May. The team have had a busy time on Central Delivery Suite and could really have used the suite recently so we are so pleased we’re approaching completion.

This week will see the final installation of the kitchenette, you’ll see from the pictures (behind the builders) a hot water boiler has already been installed for drinking facilities. You can also see some of the painting in the bedroom has been started and more will be done this week.

Many of the doors have been fitted and the main entrance door will be put on this week. We did have a slight hiccup with one of the doors being put on the wrong way but after a quick swap we’re back on track. We would like to thank Ward 22, 25, 26, 27, Central Delivery Suite and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for their co-operation throughout week 8 for the water shut downs.

SAVE THE DATE – We’re excited to let you know that the official opening of the Maternity Bereavement Suite will be on Thursday 18th July. More details will follow shortly but for now please mark that date in your diaries.

Week 10 Update

We are super excited to say that we are in the final week of the build with the completion date for the work due to be finished on Friday 24th May.

What a transformation the suite has seen from the beginning to week 10.

This week will see the finishing touches to the suite. Final decorating and painting will be done to the room, the bed will be delivered and installed and the room will be thoroughly cleaned and final snagging will take place.

We will update you all with the finished look early next week.

Week 11

Wow we cannot believe how fast the last 10 weeks have gone and what an incredible transformation has taken place on the Central Delivery Suite. Throughout the last week the suite has had its final touches added.  

A snagging list was done on Wednesday which highlighted a few minor issues with marks on the walls and floor being discovered as to be expected, so these have had to be re touched and a part of the floor had to be re-laid, these works will be completed next week. The deep clean on the room therefor was unable to take place last week and is scheduled to be done early this week.

We decided to only send one photo of the suite today and save the rest for the opening of the suite in July. We’ll be in touch later next week with more information about this. We’re so excited to share the final suite with you all. We would like to thank you all for your continued support on the appeal, we hope you’ve enjoyed receiving our updates as much as we’ve enjoyed sending them. This is the last one from us and we can’t tell you how grateful we are for all of your kindness and generosity.

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