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Club meeting 6th October. 
 Good 31 turn out. Some on scooters Covid rules applied. 
 Remaining ride outs, Rugby club this Wednesday 7th, next 14th and last is lord Bob's, 6.30 from Gunness wharf. 
 This Friday 9th. Josh Willey funeral in Grimsby, leaving Ashby lodge, 11 prompt, meeting grimsby lads in grimsby at farmhouse pub, 5 mins from address. 

November remembrance day is 7th on Saturday for us, piper and wreath ordered. 

Ian's bench is now here at Ingleby arms, brass plaque on order. Trev has treated it. We will reveal the bench on a Saturday at 12.00, karen to uncover it, Rick, Ska burst will put some music on till 4pm. Julie at pub investigating the pro's and con's of how to do it with covid rules, may be me members only.

 Jackets and polo shirts here, collect now. 

Bridlington rally is cancelled, but some still going as rooms booked.

 Nick's thoughts, Ian wanted to ride out to bangers and cash near pickering, we will do it next year, to become an annual ride outto a different club.

 Trev, asked me (Steve Stamp) to help with things, but not to replace Ian. Accepted.  

Club meeting. 1st September. 

01 September 2020

Change of venue at last minute to Keadby working men's club
24 turned up.
Trev had stickers brian young has done in remembrance of ian, free to all members.
Hopefully Ian's bench will be delivered this week, it will be placed in the front garden at Ingelby arms, Karen will unveil when plaque is fitted. Ska burst will put a turn on for us when it's done.
Barlow rally has been cancelled due to covid and the risk of the bar losing their licence, wrist bands still valid for next year.
This Wednesday ride out whistle & flute.
Friday nite extra ride out if you want, kings arms at Newport leaving Gunness at 6pm.
6th Sept Melbourne raceway, straight liners do, about 12 miles past Howden. Some going but no details yet.

Jackets and polo shirts, ordering. Trev to order from stitch line. Jacket 25, polo's 15, with logo's on. Change of colour for next summer, light blue with black lettering.
Bank account is still well in the green. 

Looks like Christmas do will not happen due to covid, but waiting for rule change.

High viz jackets, every member was issued with one, good idea if they are used now, some medium and small left, new members can ask Trev for one.

End October is bridlington "non rally" ride out.
Remaining ride outs
W&flute 2nd sept
7 lakes
Keadby club
Green tree messingham
Crown, ashby
Rugby club
Lord Bob's last one 14th October.
Stay safe!

1st September. Fresh from Trev.
If anyone fancies a ride on Friday nite 4th to kings arms Newport we will be leaving Gunness wharf at 6

26th August 2020. 
Barlow is now cancelled for 2020 due to the covid regulations now in place. Back on June 2021. Tickets/Armbands sold will be valid for next year, no wrist band, no entry.

Meeting mon 3rd August.
34 turned out.

Trev and Nick made the following statement.
Friday was a sad day for Karen and the club, an unbelievable turn out for the tribute to Ian. A tragedy but the respect paid to Ian was fantastic, he will be sadly missed. Thanks to the rugby club for dealing with the wake. Ian also played rugby at the rugby club.

A plaque and bench is being made to remember Ian at the Ingleby arms. 

A collection for Karen is still on going, to be presented in the future.

Not many rallies at all, But Barlow scooter rally may be on, possibly now 12th September. Ska burst will still be the only entertainment, outside. A burger bar is on site. L&l and Dearnside still helping with setting up.

This Wednesday 5th Aug, is Sun Inn at Everton near Bawtry, no food due to covid 19. 6.15 Gunness. Pick some up at Haxey 6.30 ish.

9th Aug. Ride out to Forrester's Arms, Carlton. 12 till 5pm. Loony tunes do. Near Snaith. 11.30 from Gunness,  black bull 11.45 ish. NOW CANCELLED!

Classic car and bike show 15th August 5.30 onwards, meet 5.30 Gunness take a Gander, see link below.

7th July. 
Club meeting at Ingleby Arms, with corona controls in order.
25 members in all.
Trev commented on virus causing ride out problems!

Wednesday 8th July, ride out to kings arms Newport is a  multi meet. 6pm leaving Gunness wharf. Some meeting at Eastoft. All ride together going max 50 mph, others have fast machines and home journey they give them a thrash back, up to owners! Pub land lady will serve inside one at once, but will have staff taking orders outside.

Kev,s. "Eggy" presentation at hospice 10am Sunday 12th July. 9.30 Gunness wharf. Then some going to happy café at Sandtoft, Dearnside and York lads going.

Barlow rally was 6th June. Now will be 12th September,  if possible to do as only 1 day and night. Still a few wrist bands left if wanted from Trev. £5.00 each, max 150 people, 1 night camping and burger bar Saturday and Sunday morning for breakfast
Wednesday ride out list, Trev is going to check all pubs to see if they still want to do them. Watch Facebook and website. 15th July nags head at Keelby but no food on due to virus.

we have lost a few members to a different local club, joining a national club is ok as a second club, but not a local one.

Bank account still very healthy.

Start of season do 30th March, looks like it may not be on this year due to Mill Road not being able to open concert room probably this year.
Ladies and gentlemen,  

Got Kev's, "shave" presentation set up for Sunday 12th July at 10.00. Down at the hospice. A big line of scooters would be nice to show club support as he presents the £1650 raised.

Hot off the press from Trev.
The Ingleby Arms will be open on Tuesday 7th July for our club meeting @ 7.30pm. There will be stricked  covid rules in place with social distancing etc. MEMBERS ONLY, it's up to the individual if you want to come, as some may still be in isolation. We can spill out into the garden if required.
Just a heads up, the Normanby Hall ride out on the 8th July is not now on, we are going to the Kings Arms at Newport. More at the meeting.

Hi Trev, just had word back from management team at Normandy that unfortunately, 8th July isn't going to be possible. The park is currently on shortened opening hours (closing at 4.30pm) and want that to be consistent, so as not to cause confusion with other park users. Bit disappointing, I think Normandy could have been a good turnout after the further relaxing of corona lock down measures. Hopefully though, we can do it next year...corona free ?? ???
Cheers, Crum.

Fiona at Kings Arms Newport she's good for 8th July wed ride out in place of Normandy park cancellation.

22nd June. 
Kev, "Eggy" Day have raised £1650 for the hospice with his post lockdown head and beard shave. we are just arranging a presentation of some sort at the hospice. 

Club meeting 03 March 2020

Quite a few apologies 30 turned up.
Lindsey lodge presentation on Sunday 8th March 2.30. Meet at Gunness wharf 2pm leave there at 2.15.

When done going for a pint at green tree messingham.

Start of season do a few tickets left on sale. Trev and Ian has them 21st March.
1st April queens at Epworth, first ride out.

Vfm Whitby rally 10th to 13th April, lots staying in Scarborough. Day ride out tba next meeting.
6th June Barlow rally sponsored by us, Dearnside and Selby independents. 2 quid for the day and a fiver for all day and camping. Wrist bands will be issued. Some coming from Bristol! 

Discount cards will be issued for Ben Shermans at Doncaster lake side when I get them, if you want  15% off now use the poster from facebook. there is a Northern Soul show at the baths hall in april if anyone want to go.

Cleethorpes run, Scunthorpe pathfinders annual run. Meet at Ashby lodge, 9.30. 14th June.
May 15 16 17. Doncaster hunters 50th do. Good rally.

Going to Thornton le dale in summer, bangers and cash. Stopping over night 22nd August provisional date. Camp site at pexton  moor to investigate.

I've just got sorted with hospice to do our presentation of the Christmas doo and Mill Road Club £100, it will be Sunday March 8th. @ 2.30. Ride round to entrance, line scooters up for photo call. More to come about where we will meet at March club meeting, It is set up so their photographer can attend.

Had this sent to me the other day through the web site email address!
The discount cards are being sent to me and will be distributed at the club monthly meetings.
THESE ARE FOR club members.

Good afternoon my name is Stacey and is the manager of Ben Sherman Doncaster lakeside village shopping centre. We are looking for your club to come shopping in store and we will offer you 15% off your purchase on the day and I will give you a loyalty discount card for any future purchases. If you could spread the word to all members that will be great .

Thankyou I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon


13th Feb.

From Ian White. A few of us are going over to Doncaster on the train Saturday 29th February Meet up with a few of the lads from Donny Hunters for a few light refreshments Feel free to join us.

Club meeting in a lovely candle lit room at Ingleby arms, a bit spooky with Crell's eyes lit up!
21 turned up. Rough night!
Wed night ride outs one change kings arms Haxey 13th May. Date for cheque for Lindsey lodge.£ 1075 Stampy to ring to check when we can do presentation from Christmas do.

Start of season do, ska burst and Mark Taylor on discs. Early and late bar on. Tickets fiver, on sale to public now.

6th June Barlow rally, wrist bands to be issued. Group sorted with ska burst, stalls on with motor bike show on. £2.00 for day, £5.00 all day and night.

Dearnside and lol to have a ride out on a sat and come home sun. Thornton le dale, near Pickering. bangers and cash pub 22nd/23rd Aug. Arrangements and Lodgings or camping to sort. More at next meeting, Ian to check out prices.

Steve Webster's Sunday 29th March meet at 3 horse shoes Wrath on Dern at 10 to leave at 11. With Dearnside lot.

Ian's been asked by silhouettes 14th June the 4th annual ride to Cleethorpes run, meet at Ashby lodge 9.30.

15 16 17th may Doncaster 50th do at parkland wheatley hall road. prices on flyer. Whitby rally 10th to 13th April most of our lot stopping at Scarborough.

Aob. Train trip to Donny to sort with Dearnside for night out, confirm with Ian  White.

Scunthorpe and District scooter clubs Wednesday Ride Out Meeting 04 February 2020

Around 60 members and other club members in attendance. The meeting was solely to sort the ride outs.
LOL meeting to be next Tuesday 11th

Trev thanked everyone for coming, and launched into ride out stuff, 29 to do with 4 new venues.
Adrian Crum came from council and would like us to have a ride out to Normanby hall,6.30 onwards, go through to the stable yard, disco and food being put on.

Just need the dates confirming, then they will be posted.

Trev then went through list.
If weather is going to be crap on a Wednesday then as previously, the ride out will be moved to Thursday night.

Tickets of sale for silhouettes do.

Club meeting 7th January.

A brilliant 57 in attendance and subs being taken, still a tenner.
Trev welcomed everyone with a happy New year

£1075 going to Lindsey lodge from Christmas do, which includes £100 from mill road club. A date to present cheque to be arranged, to sort next meeting 4th Feb.

Newark classic show 11th and 12th Jan, 9 till 4 both days. £10 on gate to enter, free parking outside. Everyone to meet on Sunday meet at Newark.

Start of season do is 21st March, from 6.30 they will open the bar early. Bar till 1am.
Tickets are £5 each, Tickets will be allocated 2 per member for the first 3 weeks, then spares up for grabs. 

Skaburst head lining.
Raffle tickets will be sold at the door, tickets and wrist bands to order asap.

Barlow scooter rally. Saturday 6th June, just this side of Selby. Brilliant venue, Selby independent, Dearnside scooter club and lost and lonely all organising it. Meeting to sort to finalise things. £5 including camping for night. £2 for the day, a classic motorbike show on the day. Good food van on site.

Whitby rally. Friday 10th to 12th. April.Lots stopping in Scarborough. More to follow.

Steve Webster selling messy tickets at meeting. £15 till end of Feb, £20 after., but they are selling well

Thanks to all who gave to Dougy £710 total. Landlord at crown also gave him 59 quid from his winnings.

Wednesday night ride outs, meeting 4th Feb to sort it. Other clubs to be invited.

Club balance in bank is very good.
Goatland visit to sort when all rally info sorted.


The Christmas bash at the Mill road club was a brilliant success, with the donation from Mill Road Club committee, we will be presenting Lindsey Lodge Hospice with over £1100 in January, we will meet on mass down there for a photo shoot.

Club meeting Tuesday 3rd December.

32. there. Lots of apologies as there was a club members do on.

This sat 7th mill road do. No tickets left. 210 sold. Estimated £1015 will go to Lindsey lodge plus £100 presented from mill road club.

The raffle on night the cash to be split as raffle prizes and 25 quid for bar staff.

January 2020, tickets on sale for messy 6 on 31st July, £15 if you get them early, £20 from 28th Feb. Could be about 20 from club going.

Next year. July /August the club is looking at setting up a ride out to goatland (heart beat country) near Whitby and a stop over Saturday night, more to follow.

Barlow rally near Selby now a three way organisational event with dearnside scooter club and us. 6th June great day and night with overnight camping. Food all day. Group, dj and tickets sorted. £2 for day, £5 camping. 

Excellent response to our Remembrance Saturday ride out to the cenataph, we had representatives from the Royal British Legion who attended with us, along with some welcome non members.

A brilliant tribute to the fallen, with the wreath laying, two minutes silence and our pipers playing "the battle is over" we did get some abuse from an outsider on our facebook group page, so we have binned him from the group.

We finished the meeting  with free chip butties donated by the pub, yum yum.

We are organising "PAYING OF OUR RESPECTS" visit to the Cenotaph, we have been asked by Tony Kelly, who played the pipes at dawn on remembrance Sunday, if we are to lay our wreath again, we are just discussing when to go and he will come and play whilst we are there.
I am just waiting for a call when our wreath will be available to collect. more to follow.
 The Christmas charity bash on the 7th December, is officially sold out. the only tickets available will be from Ian or Trev, if they have any which have been returned!

Club meeting 1st October. About 26 at meeting in crap weather. A few apologies.   

We had a new member joined tonight. 
5th Oct Mark Taylor at Keadby club, 3 quid at door.

2 more ride outs left in season, 9th Oct jolly sailor. Meet at Barclay pub 6.45.
Last one at lord Bob's multi meet 16th. 

Brid rally, there will be stalls on and a scooter show, 25 26 Oct. Don't know where the actual event is.
Some going up on Friday and staying over. 11.00 from Rainham roundabout.
Sat ride out 8.30 from Gunness Wharf. 8.45 Rainham roundabout, meeting Grimsby lot at Humber Bridge.

Same weekend Southport rally, no one going. 

15 16 Nov Mablethorpe sat 16th ride out, 8.30 Gunness 8.45 Ashby lodge.
7th Dec Xmas do tickets on sale 4th November 7.30 at Mill Road. Soul intention and Mark Taylor DJ. Tickets are 10 quid each, all profits going to Lindsey lodge. Hopefully up to 700 quid could go to Lindsey lodge
Karen will be doing raffle! Cash prizes on night. 

Looking at going to Tenby May rally next year. 320 mile journey. Committee to form to set up. B&b at rally, not camping. 

From Fred Grey, some are going to Nags Head, Keelby, this Thursday 26th Sept. Leaving Ashby Lodge 6.45.

Blues scooter club rally, this Saturday, 21st September at Arties Mill, Brigg. Leaving Gunness Wharf @ 12.30, or Ashby Lodge @ 12.45.

Saturday 28th September, a few are riding to Caldwell Park, to watch classic bike and scooter racing. Meeting at 8.15, Kathy's Café, just off Midland road for Breakfast or 9.00 at Ashby Lodge, everyone welcome.

10th Sept, Lord Roberts is back on, it is the last official ride out of the season, 16th October.  

17th August, had a call from Trev, 2 changes to this years ride outs, one changed and one added to the list at the end. 
An article in this months scootering makes legal or not more relevant!

8th August.
Info from Trev regarding the meeting held Tuesday 6th.
Most of you know I did not make it as had a slight problem on the way!

Messy 5 at Lucarly' Friday 9th, camping, leave Gunness wharf 11.00, Ashby lodge 11.30. Saturday 10th, no day trippers, camping only Gunness wharf 10.00, Ashby lodge 11.00. Keith Island is having a sponsored beard shave at messy, the club has agreed to sponsor him £75.00. in aid of dementia and Alzheimer's. 

Beat the bikers at Matlock day ride on Sunday 11th, leaving Kings arms, Haxey @ 08.00, Rosie's café 8.15. 

24th Aug, Goole & district SC, day rally at old Goole working mens club, meet Gunness wharf ££££££. camping if you want it, free for the day (Trev thinks)
No one going to the Isle of White rally this year. Mearsa Island looks the same! Lost & Lonely neck bands for sale £4.00 each.   

1st August, from Trev. A few of the lads are going to Bridlington this Saturday morning, anyone who fancies it, they are leaving 7 lakes entrance at Ealand for 9.30.

Club meeting 02 July.
Not many here! Trev has wife at home on crutches and only 13 turn up out of 70 ish members, also, Trev didn't get many answers from his messages! It dosn't take 5 seconds to send an answer!
June was a great month, Barlow rally was brilliant, along with the Eypes visit, it was not the best weather, but a great experience had by all. Steve Fowler thanked everyone and the club.

Animal antics rally, 38 went for day ride out and got best club turn out, Newark rally wouldn't let day trippers scooters in the site, as presvious years. 

13th silhouettes do at rugby club, also,  on the same dayBradford wharf do at Lincoln, so going for breakfast at Caneby corner café at 10.30 if you want.  Leave kings arms 10.00. Let Keith island know. Leave Gunness at 9.45. 10.00 Mallard. Meet at hemswell cliff roundabout 10.30. 

This Saturday 6th, normally cleethorpes rally! Not having a ride over.

This coming weekend. Brayton ferry rally near York, will look at going there next year.

19th to 20th . Drifield rally. 10 quid for weekend. Possible Saturday ride out. 10.30 Gunness,  rainham steel roundabout 10.45. 

August 10th 11th,  messy in Moortown, no day ride out, as won't let you in.
The club still has a good amount of cash in bank.

No other business.

The Belgium trip was a total success, a few problem scooters, but all home safe now. More to follow.

Club meeting 4th June.
32 in attendance considering the weather crap!

2 new members here tonight, we need to keep ensuring we stay a big team and mingle with each other. 

Saturday 8th June, Barlow rally with Selby club.
Good back to basics rally. 5 quid Saturday and camping, 4 quid for night do, 2 quid day tripping. You can go on Friday to pitch tent ready for Saturday. Quite a few scooters going Saturday.
A raffle being run, lost and lonely scooter club put in 25 quid voucher and others prizes sorted. Food can be purchased all day on Saturday and Sunday morning for breakfast. Ska burst on in afternoon. DJ and group in evening.
Saturday day trip 10.15 from Gunness.  10.30 black bull on A18.

Help required on gates by club members please.
Sleaford crusaders scooter do on 14th to 16th June

Animal antics 22nd June, day ride Gunness leave 11.30. Westwood side 11.45 Saab garage. 
28th 30th June Newark club at show ground. Saturday day ride and camping. Gunness leave 10.30, going via Scotter and Gainsborough.  Meeting Scunthorpe lads at iron forge 10.45. 

1st June, Club meeting Tuesday 4th June, The last Belgium meeting will start at 6.45pm, for a quick update, before we go on the 10th.

23rd May. Trev is having a ride out on Sunday 26th, to Newport near Howden, meeting at his house at 11am.

7 May 2019 Club meeting.
Only 19 turned up. Loads of apologies. 

Skegness rally, great weekend. Saturday ride out was cancelled due to the weather. Steve Fowler suggested we need a list of phone numbers of people who may be coming from a long way to do ride outs, so we can inform them not to bother. 

Scooter fest at comet pub was brilliant, 50 scooters turned up. Trev won best scooter. Karen won a 32" tv. The event raised over 600 quid for Lindsey lodge. 

Wednesday night ride out to butchers arms at West Halton, was cancelled due to the weather.
Dern valley sc. are this Saturday 11th, having a memorial ride out to Cleethorpes, meeting at 10 from Gunness wharf. We would like as many members to go as possible, as a mark of respect to a fellow lost scooterist. Will be other scooter clubs joining all along the route. 

Sunday 19th may, the silhouettes annual ride to Cleethorpes, leaving from Berkley. we are meeting and leaving Gunness wharf 10.15. 

The Barlow scooter rally is now all set up, Ska burst and a group on, stalls and camping on site, Saturday 8th June. £2 for day, £5 to camp.

Chris McGlone is recovering ok now, I went to visit him at home, its going to be a long haul to get on his feet again. 

The year end accounts were announced, and are very healthy! 

The next Belgium, meeting is at white heart, Owsten Ferry,  the 14th, 7.30. 

There was an incident after the Broughton wmc, with some Grimsby scooters going out of Brigg! I got an email from a motorist, as one scooterist who wasn't involved was wearing one of the clubs tabards! this shows we need to remember to respect all road users!

6th May. Ian White ask me to drop this on the web site.

Any members available Saturday to attend Dearnside Sc’s ride of remembrance
Meeting up at Cleethorpes seafront. They lost a member suddenly the day after the alliance ride to Cleethorpes 2018 This Saturday ride to Cleethorpes on behalf of Dearnside scooter club remembrance ride
They are meeting us at Gunness wharf at 10am
We are guiding them through town then a18 to Cleethorpes
All welcome
Bob has just called me anybody wishing to ride back with them back through Caister are more than welcome
Thanks in advance

30th April. Best wishes and a speedy recovery from all the club members to Chris McGlone. he had an accident on the way to Scarborough rally. HE IS NOW AT HOME RECOOPERATING.

11th April. I have created a new page as we sponsored the bereavement ward at SGH. I am getting updates every week, they hope to be 10 weeks, I have added the emails and pictures for all to see.

Club meeting 1st April! yes 1st April as informed previously!

Trev sends out up to 74 individual text messages to members every month, about meetings etc, he only gets about a dozen answers back. Can everyone answer him as a matter of courtesy! A simple ok will do.

Meeting changed as 2 ride outs this week, Tuesday 6  6.30 Crowle, and onto Sandtoft airport to a bike night (6 brave riders went} and Wednesday Queens head at Epworth, 6.30 from Gunness,  Owsten ferry 6.45. 

20 members turned up, a few apologies
Pre season do made money and a brilliant do.
Thanks to the ladies who did the raffle and the door staff.

19th to 21st April Scarborough rally, quite a few going for the weekend.
Meet Gunness wharf 8.30, Rainham steel roundabout day ride out Saturday 20th.

Skegness rally 3rd to 6th may. Sat 4th may day ride out, 8.30 kings arms Haxey. meet Trent port pub car park @9.00
Gunness Wharf 8.30 To Gainsborough Trent Port for 9.00.

Ian white ride out Sunday 7th April, 11.30 from Ashby lodge.  Fish and chips and a pint somewhere,  weather permitting!

Aob. Brief on Belgium going well. Breakdown van now paid for (£200) cheaper to hire for a week.
Does anyone want any club jackets ordering, ask Trev asap.

Club meeting Tuesday 5th March.
John Daly now at home after hip operation. 32 here tonight.

2 more new member here tonight. Welcome to the club.
Wed night ride out's sorted last Monday, 1 change.
22nd may wheatsheaf not on now. White hart at West Stockwith now.
If looking crap weather on a Wednesday,  we will move to the Thursday. there are 6 new venues this year.

24th March, Sunday. Lincoln Sincil bank football ground Scooter Day. Day trip meet Gunness wharf 10.00, 10.30 Kings arms Haxey roses café, Beckingham then travel via Gainsborough. 

Scarborough rally April 19 to 21st. Day trip Saturday 20th, meet Gunness 8.30, Rainham steel 8.45 ish.

3 to 6th May Skegness rally, 4th day trip tba next meeting.

May 19th silhouette ride out to Cleethorpes.

Trev has a few tickets left for pre season do.

Messy 5, Cleethorpes 9 to 11th. No day ride out, and no pay at gate.

8th June, Barlow rally our club helping out with running it.

If you have impromptu ride out at a weekend and you put it on Facebook,  please message me so I can put it on web site for those to see who don't do social media.

April 2nd Tuesday, the first bike night of the year at the happy café at Sandtoft airfield, we are going. Meeting Gunness 6.00, Belton 6.30.
Club meeting to be Monday 1st APRIL.


Next Belgium meeting Tuesday  12th at 7.30 3 horse shoes.

Club meeting 5th February 2019

Great with over 40 in attendance! With about 10 apologies.
Scooter season nearly here and we've attracted 1 new member from Sheffield! 

Trev will take orders for jackets and t shirts at end of meeting, hats and high viz were dished out at end of meeting. Bryan Youngs lanyards with club logo on are a fiver, with £1 going to Lindsey lodge.

Pre season do on 30th March at mill road. Setting son's group and Mark Taylor on discs, extension sorted at 50 quid out of ticket money. Tickets on sale now.

Xmas do booked on 7th December, soul intention group booked. It was agreed with the members that tickets will be £6 each, do to extra costs. 220 capacity at mill road.

Messy 5 tickets on sale. £15 each Steve Webster selling tickets at meeting. £20 in April. 

Ride out meeting 25th Feb, a Monday night, bit of grub being put on. 7.30, all welcome to attend.

March 24th. Lincoln March of mods, 2 till 8 at Sincil bank, to discuss at next meeting, maybe go early for some Scran on way!

Asked to help Chris from Selby, for Barlow rally, 8th June. Group and Ska Burst sorted along with stalls, also a classic motor bike show on day with scooters. You can go Friday to pitch tent ready for Saturday. All in £5 including camping on Saturday night, day, £2. £4 for the evening. 

Sandtoft unhappy café on airfield. Tuesday night bike nights, 2nd of April is first one,  the club may attend the first one.

Club meeting Tuesday 5th, 7.30 ish at Ingleby Arms. Subs are due! paid up members will get beanie hats and high viz tabards given.

Feb 25th Monday for Wednesday ride out meeting. Trev to contact other clubs to participate. if you have a pub in mind, sus it out first before bringing it to the meeting.

First Club meeting of the year, Tuesday 8th January. Club AGM.

It was decided that showing the meeting live on Facebook was impractical to do.
43 attending with some apologies. Subs being taken, staying at a tenner. hurry up and pay! To get your free beanie hat with the club logo on!Trev said hopefully we will have a better year than last and it was a good one. No rules, but!

Behave at ride outs and rallies! ensure your scooter is road legal. When riding in a group, give plenty of room between scooters as we have had some near misses and bumps in the past. 
No one is expected to attend all rallies. Try to get to know everyone, as we have 71 members in club now.

Not may local nationals this year, no Bridlington or Cleethorpes. Plenty of small good rallies around to go to. Messy 5 rally in Grimsby to be a club attended rally, day ride out and over night camping, 9th 11th August. 15/20 quid, depending on how early you book, Steve Webster has tickets.

Last year Barlow rally was great, but Chris of Selby independents scooter club is struggling to organise it this year as he is now working alone, it was agreed we would help to set it up, as a club. It will be a scooter and classic bike rally. Saturday 8th June, camping over night. 

Hi vis jackets with club logo, to be purchased a later date.

Thanks to the pub for the chip buttie and puddings put on.

Pre season do 30th March. Mill road. Group setting Sun's plus DJ. Tickets on order, fiver a go. Tickets on sale in a week. see club do's

Adele at crown is doing a calendar for breast cancer support, club to support them with any help on 3rd ish August with scooters on show and for photo's, more to follow. DHL, to sponsor the calendar,  it could go global! Club will make a cash donation.
Paul Fitzgerald is racing his scooter, he wants 130 quid from club funds for a GPS timer. Passed ok by members.

Feb 25th Monday for Wednesday ride out meeting. Trev to contact other clubs to participate. if you have a pub in mind, sus it out first before bringing it to the meeting.

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