This is the page which will have all the information on regarding 2019 ride to the Belgium war graves.

Steve Fowler is sending me all the information, which will be posted on here. Meetings will follow in the next couple of months to set this up, updates below. Please read to the end for all info.

One major thing, you must have a full licence, to ride on the continent. we may need an international driving permit after Brexit.

04 June 2019, last meeting before we set off! 

Tyne Cot and Menin gate to be where we lay the wreaths.

Van will be at rugby club Monday morning, 11.30. 
if you want too, you can take your gear to rugby club on Sunday, they will lock your gear in the trophy room to pick up Monday.

The van will load up at the White Hart Owsten ferry at 10.30 Monday for that lot to load up. Will be at rugby 11.30 ish, we will set off for Hull around 12.30, we sail 6.30. Can get on board after 16.00. Having  our meals on the boat.

Ian is to take 2 spare empty fuel tanks in van.

It's around 60 miles ride to hotel, 1 fuel stop on way to hotel. Arrive 11 ish.

Itinerary was given out, we will follow as the sheet and change as team the requires. We may go to Ostend on way home.

Van to lead the way in front of scooters in Belgium, Neil to follow up at rear.

Below is the banner Neil has made up and getting sorted for us. Brilliant!

Update 17th May. Itinerary in photo below 23rd May, picture of the wreaths.

4th April update. 

Next meeting for Belgium trip Monday is 15th April three horse shoes west Butterwick Dave & Larry not available until then Larry wants to do another presentation.

2nd April, Van now booked, but the company is updating its European driving rules, waiting for final price as it may change. £100 deposit paid. 2 x wreaths on order.Next meeting Tuesday 9th, @ Three horse shoes.

Belgium meeting. Steve has final costs.

Couples 244.36. P o 232.20. Scoot 37.50 each. Van 8.40. Banner 10. 532.46 per couple.

Single. 122.18 hotel. P o 68.40. Scoot 37.50. Van 4.20. Banner 10.00. 242.28 each.

Larry and Toni to be insured for the van with Larry getting the breakdown insurance for van.

Nick to sort Steve cottom with cash for banners.

Larry has prepared 2 more presentations. 1 on places we will visit and routes to take.

Off the boat and non motorway route to hotel. Lunch and visit Ypres town, Menin gate at 8pm. 2 wreaths to take for Tyne Cott and Minin gate.

Last meeting for trip to be early at June club meeting. Van to pick up Saturday to Saturday.

To meet Sunday pm and load up van with cases and tools. Monday from rugby club Meet At 12. Leave at 12.30pm, get to hull and get some for food prior to boarding boat.

May need a green card from insurance companies and an international drivers permit 5.50. From the post office. All monies to be paid by may meeting.

Next Belgium meeting Three Horse Shoes West Butterwick 12th March. 7.30

20th Feb. 

Price for Belgium trip per couple.

Hotel £244.36,p@o £232.20, scooter £37.50,van £8.40, banner £10 = £ 532.46   

Singles, each.  

Twin hotel room £122.18,p&o crossing £68.40, scooter £37.50,van £4.20. Leg shield banner £10?. = £242.28 per person would need to add fuel for van?Larry would pay less scooter less banner

3rd Feb. 

Belgium meeting Three Horse Shoes West Butterwick 12th Feb. 7.30.Hopefully a presentation on which sites we could visit, or if you have one in mind, bring it along.

08 January.

Belgium do June 10th, 18 going. Nick has received p&o tickets and will hold them until we go. P&o all paid up £2117. Bunking arrangements as per list which can be supplied to all participants.

Ave price will be 250 each. Each person/persons to pay hotel separate when we get to Belgium. need to pair who with who in hotel. Next meeting, please bring a preference of where you may want to visit for next meeting, we can then sort out an itinerary.

12th December, after last meeting, final numbers and bunks sorted, Steve Fowler has asked for the following.

Edwin, we would like to make a booking as follows for Hull to Zeebrugge 10 June 2019. 

3no 4 birth cabins

No 1

Steve Fowler/Dave Gregory/ Larry Gregory/Rick Hookam

No 2

Andy Revell/Steve Stamp/Rick Pell/Dave Smith

No 3

Nick Drewry/Liam Waldon/Ian Ritchie/Dean Ritchie 

3no 2 Birth Cabins


Robert and Stephanie Fowler


Paul Milligan @ Toni Gravel

No 3

Neil @ Pamela Beresford 

14 Scooters, 1no Transit Type Van

Can you let me know how you want me to get payment to you, can be either cash or cheque

Regards Steve

22nd November. 

Steve has received these prices from his contact at P&O, the next meeting will be at the club meeting at 6.45. please attend as this meeting will finalise all who's going, so Steve can confirm the hotel and ferry crossing, then the final true costs for all.

Works out at approximately; 

£150,- per person there and back (for couples, 2 berth cabin) 

£110,- per person there and back (shared, 4 berth cabin). 

The above is incl. all scooters and the Transit van also!  

It’s done as a group booking, works out cheaper... 

Prices change slightly with time, the sooner you book the better! 

7th November.

Steve Fowler is looking at pricing up twin rooms for couples and scooters, also a couple of 4 berth with scooters and the van plus driver.

The van will be insured for at least 2 scooter riders for use in Belgium if required for a breakdown whilst visiting the area.

The exact numbers of participants will need to be sorted at next meeting when all above info available. We will need to know who is prepared to bunk in a 4 cabin together. We will call an extraordinary meeting for all to attend to finalise ferry, hotel and cabins. 

17th October.

Nick Drewry has sent me this from the facebook page, Guys and Gals i now New account I have set up for the Ypres tour. If any of you would like to pay monthly or when ever please contact me via messenger and I will let you have the bank details. I can also let you have my personal number and home address if you would prefer to pay in cash. From now on I will not be putting any tourist names on this page.

If participants want the account details from Nick, please email me at with your phone or email details and I will forward them to Nick, so he can sent you the  information. Cheers Steve

14th October. 

Steve Fowler has sent me this info, ferry prices from his contact, revised with scooters added.

Steve could you put these prices on our face book page for Belgium trip June 10th 2019

They are based on quotations I have in, subject to Brexit, earthquakes and tsunamis etc, these  prices includes 1no van and scooters

 P @ O return crossing ( No Meals ) 4 berth inside cabin ( Think we could do a ladies cabin ) although I don’t mind bunking in with any of them !!!

Twin room at the Ariane hotel for 2 nights including breakfast for couples and good friends.

   £ 226.00 each

 P @ O return crossing ( No Meals ) 4 berth inside cabin

Single room at the Ariane hotel for 2 nights ( 4 Rooms Available ) including breakfast for people with no  friends.

  £ 328.00 each. Evening meals and Breakfast can be booked on board, possibly prior if everyone wants them.

02 October 2018. Meeting for Eypes.

A full licence required to ride in Belgium, they do not recognise "L" plates, nor the CBT. 14 x £100 deposits paid. the rest of the deposits to be paid at the next club meeting, as we need to confirm the hotel numbers.

There are 10 twin and 4 singles rooms provisionally booked at the Ariane hotel. Twins £124 per room, £62 each per night, b&b with secure parking.

The hotel will need a list of room occupants names. Steve Fowler is waiting for p&o to release next year's tariffs.

Rick has sourced back up van, need insurance for it. Need to purchase first aid kid and breathalyser unit for the van.
The Club to purchase high viz jackets for the trip.

Updated 27th September

Rick Hookam has sorted the van, if we want to book it. Don't forget 7pm meeting on Tuesday 2nd October, and bring you £100 deposit.  

Update 9th September.

This is in no way a complete list, just stuff I have looked at, if I've missed anything, let me know. it is also on the facebook group, in the files.

Full licence. European medical card. Ratchet strap for anchoring scooter on the boat.

European scooter insurance. Need proof with you.ID proof with you. Passport will do. Proof of ownership. V5 required. Personal travel insurance.

Enough oil for the trip. Must wear protective clothing, gloves, long sleeve jacket. Long legged trousers and boots which cover your ankles. Reflective jackets for breakdowns.

Must give way to busses indicating to pull out. Give way to traffic pulling over from a closed lane. Speed limits similar to ours. On the spot fines for tragic infringements. Can confiscate vehicle's if not insured, i.e. scooter is not what it says on insurance or licence, not correct gives invalid insurance.

Big fines for drink driving. Need reflective jackets for breakdowns. Emergency number 112.

Taken from RAC site.

Got these links from the latest Jet Set.

This is the hotel we have booked.


Update 6th September.

Steve is now thechairman, Liam/Nick treasurers, Rick Hookam looking at breakdown van, Me helping with whatever needs doing! 

Steve Fowler has booked the Ariane hotel in Ypres for up to 24 people, we get the ferry from Hull on the Monday 10th, 11th and 12th in the hotel, then the 13th ferry back to UK on the morning of the 14th.

20 people are registered for going, a deposit of 100 quid payable at next meeting in October. Ferry to book as soon as prices available, Steve Fowler is waiting for prices from his contact.

Back up van sprinter to be sorted, needs separate breakdown insurance. Van and driver to be paid by club.
You must have a full licence to be allowed on the trip. Steve's out of pocket expenses to be covered by the club, then paid back with funds collected from participants.

There is a facebook group set up with the same info on, any questions can be asked on there.

Be there Tuesday 2nd, 7pm, for more info on the trip.

8th August, from the club meeting, 

Club to pay for back up van and reef. Monday 10th June sail, from hull. Setting up sub committee to sort.

There will be a meeting at 7pm, next club meeting for anyone who wants to help.

The September meeting we will need to know exact numbers going! there will be a £200 deposit required at October meeting. Steve Fowler sussing out hotels. Steve Stamp to set up Facebook page for participant members only.

19th July 18. latest info from Steve Fowler, below is information given to Steve, which will help us on our trip. we will need to know who's going by September meeting to ensure we can secure the hotel/hotels we may need. fares for the ferry will not be known until December, more at next club meeting.


Documentation: always carry your driving licence, vehicle registration document (V5), MOT, and certificate of motor insurance. Originals AND 3copies for the police to take (or they will take your originals). These are NO GOOD IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM OR YOUR MAIN BAG IN THE BACK OF THE VAN. MUST KEEP THEM WITH YOU WHEN RIDING!

Passports: Must be in date for the duration of your trip.

L' Plates and provisional licenses: Neither is recognised in the EU. You will need either a full UK car license or appropriate Motorcycle license.

Speed limits: Remember - Speeding and other traffic offences are subject to on-the-spot fines:

Motorway and dual carriageways. Open Road. Town

120 km/h (70mph)  90 km/h (55mph) 50 km/h (30mph)

Drinking and driving: Don't do it. Belgium has some of the severest penalties for drinking and driving in Europe.

Riding: Overtaking on the right (the inside abroad) is illegal and you can get done for it.

Arguing with the Police: Is actually an offence in Belgium so be polite if they pull you.

Fuel: Many petrol stations are un-manned so you need a credit or debit card you can use abroad!! All UK cards are OK.

Debit/credit Cards: You MUST let your card issuer or bank know you will be travelling abroad or your card may not work

Top up at every fuel stop We plan fuel stops, so if you miss one out, or 'think you 'Il have enough' we will be stopping every 5 miles just to accommodate you! !! We need to get out of this habit!! Fill up BEFORE you board the boat. The next fuel stop when we get off is 35 miles into the journey. Even if you only need a litre the sensible rule is ALWAYS.... top up when we stop — you never know when the next fuel will be available.

GB sticker: On a scooter it is advisable to put one on your left front leg shield and at the rear of the bike on say a mud flap.

Headlights: Motorcycles must use dipped headlights at all times. Tyres: Legal MINIMUM in Europe is 2mm, not as in the UK.

2 Stroke Oil: Is not generally available in Belgium so take enough of your own with you .

Clothing: Motorcycle riders and passengers must wear crash helmets, protective gloves, protective jacket, ankle boots and long trousers or jeans. Typical fine for not wearing appropriate clothing is 100 Euros, so up to you. No shorts, T-shirts, trainers, flip flops! Locals may get away with it but not Johnny Foreigner. Proper riding gear will protect your skin if you fall off, so makes sense to wear it.

Motor insurance: Third-party insurance is compulsory. Fully comp is advisable. A green card is not required but your insurer must be advised of your trip 7 days before you leave.

Breakdown Cover: 100% must! We can't get 56 scooters in the van! Vehicle Rescue Direct ( ) will cover older and classic scooters for sensible money, or if you insure with Carole Nash, it's free with your policy.

Hi-Vis vest: Very wise idea because it makes it easy for all of us to spot you. —Compulsory to wear if you break down at roadside in a car or on a bike, but you don't have to wear one while riding in Belgium.

Ferry: You will need to take a ratchet tie down strap to fasten your scooter on the ferry, AND a Euro plug adapter. Small socket board is an idea too if you have lots of things to charge up. No need for breathalyser kits in Belgium. As your bags will be in the van , one small overnight bag on your scooter with whatever you are likely to need. Cabins are small so large bags are not advisable. We WILL NOT be getting bags out of the van on the ferry it's not permitted.

Phone charging: There are only two power sockets in each cabin, and they are European 2 pin type, so four people will struggle to all charge their phones unless one of you takes a socket board. Spare batteries if you have them or battery top up chargers can be bought cheaply enough that work with most phones. Most of you will be aware that when you go abroad, you need to turn off data roaming BEFORE you leave the UK. This is how you get the internet and emails and if you leave it running, you will get a humungous bill when you get home!Belgium meeting Three Horse Shoes Westbutterwick 12th feb 7.30.
Hopefully a presentation on which sites we could visit, or if you have one in mind, bring it along.Belgium meeting Three Horse Shoes Westbutterwick 12th feb 7.30.
Hopefully a presentation on which sites we could visit, or if you have one in mind, bring it along.

Belgium meeting Three Horse Shoes West Butterwick 12th Feb. 7.30.

Belgium meeting Three Horse Shoes West Butterwick 12th Feb. 7.30.

16th July 18. Latest information Steve Fowler has sent me for the Ypres Belgium Trip, in his words. as I understand it at present, there is 13 volunteers who want to go.  

I've been doing a bit of homework over the weekend  and thought I should start getting some basic cost together to see who would be interested, these are only ball park figures !! 

FERRY CROSSING ( Can Only Get December 2018 Prices At This Time ) This is not from my P @ O contact he is waiting for June 10th  2019 release. 

( A ) 1 rider 1 Scooter includes outside cabin, breakfast               £ 311.76 return,  Was unable to enter on web site multiple  persons in cabin !!

( B ) 1 rider 1 Scooter includes inside cabin, no breakfast, No time changes  £ 232 return. Was unable to enter on web site multiple  persons in cabin !!

So above could be cheaper. 


( A ) Have worked on the Hotel O Leper (Ypres Centre)

Double and twin rooms  ( Would need to be very good friends in the double beds !!!) includes breakfast @ parking / £ 55 per night (3 nights)

 ( B ) Camping at the Jeugdstadion camp site approx. 10 min walk into Ypres, 2 shower block and  toilets, 2 options. 

1, Take your own tents etc 4,5 Euros per night scooter parking next to tent !

2, 4no huts available  with beds, table and 4 chairs would need sleeping bag etc currently 40 Euros. 

Approx. cost as a worst case scenario £ 476. 76 ( all based on December 2018 prices )

Could do to know amount of members that are interested asap ??

PS in anybody else can find any info regarding above that would be great

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