I have put this story back on the site!

It was sent to me, but I removed it as some club members did not like it being on here, as it maybe tared them with the same brush. (guilt trip, or true!) it doesn't bother me, as I am completely legal!

But I was talking to another club member at Cleethorpes this weekend (July 7th) and the story has inspired him to bite the bullet, for all the reasons detailed , he has his last part of the test this week, and now passed all parts,to join the legal club!

Under no circumstance due I want to sound judgemental or patronising.

There has been a saying over the last few years, “Back in the day”. Well, back in the day, the early 70’s to be precise as a 17 year old I was fortunate enough to first own an SX 200 which I then weighed in for a TV 175.                       

            A small gang of us used to hang around together going off to Cleethorpes and Scarborough, but you have to realise that our scooters were our only mode of transport. If you look back on any old photos or footage from those days it isn’t uncommon to see L plates displayed and It really wasn’t a problem.                                     In those days to pass your test it was just a simple case of riding around the block in front of an examiner and when he put his arm out, that was the order to engage in your emergency stop.                                                                              Now I know that many of the older scooterist amongst us did exactly that but also a lot didn’t as they progressed onto getting cars, getting Married and having families and the scooters were either sold or given away. I must confess that I fitted into that category, I never passed my bike test as I was too busy taking driving lessons and I couldn’t wait to get a car.            

Anyway as the saying goes once a scooter boy always a scooter boy so when the chance arose 5 years ago to purchase a scooter and join a scooter club I jumped at the chance.                                   So here I have this LI 125 with a 186 Mugello but I haven’t yet passed my test                                                                                   So the dilemma here is do I display my L plates ?                       There is no point writing a story and not telling the truth so being honest I didn’t find it cool to put them on and what’s the worst that can happen to me. I’m Insured (as a 125) its Mot’d (as a 125) and I have got a licence to ride it (with L plates) so if caught I would probably get a slap on the wrist for the missing L plates.

But recently something has been bothering me, firstly over the last 2 years I have read that on the way back from separate rally’s 2 people have unfortunately lost their lives due to accidents and more recently in our own club a member was knocked off his scooter through no fault of his own, as it happened he was ok although his scooter was written off but what if he had been thrown into the path of an oncoming vehicle or hit from one behind?              

It just isn’t worth thinking about. So you may be wondering where I am going with this. Well what if that was me? What if I was killed from an accident on my scooter which I admit to riding illegally, what’s the worst that could happen,  “a slapped wrist?”. NO! when something like that happens a full investigation goes into full swing.

The road is closed and outcome the fine tooth comb’s. As I am sat writing this I can picture various members thinking well I won’t be around to worry about it, well I do, so bear with me and lets go back to the scene of the crime. Firstly my scoter will go back to the police investigation garage where they will check out my brakes my tyres and anything else that they need to check during this investigation. OH, hang on this scooter is not displaying any L plates but his licence says he hasn’t passed his bike test, and why has he got on a larger carburettor than the standard one for this 125 model, ok so while we are at it and as its under investigation let’s see what size piston it has got fitted. Bang !!! Busted.

So what happens next, well the insurance company will not have anything to do with any claims, (I was an uninsured driver. Not just the foreigners eh.) The chance also is that my life insurance which I have worked hard for as security for my family after I’m gone will not be paid out and could my private pension now be null and void as I have probably defaulted due to my reckless actions. Let’s be totally honest, insurance and pension companies will do anything they can, not to pay out and mugging’s here has played right into their hand because it wasn’t “cool” to display L plates.  Sorry family!

Recently the club has got 3 or 4 new members which are displaying there “L’s” and is it such a bad thing. Absolutely not. Nice scooters, nice blokes good members and that is what is important. Just for your information there are a couple of good bike test trainers in Town. I was quoted £699 for as many lessons as need including all test fee’s, although if you fail, the repeat test fees are down to you but the lessons continue to be free. £699,? C’mon, I paid more than that for my upgrade.                               I am not looking to be patronising or judgemental I am just trying to put a few thoughts into your head that may not have crossed your mind.  Also just ask yourself would you ever drive your car with dodgy car insurance?                                 Think about it please people, You know it makes sense.


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