Last update 15th May. Nick Drewry, has written this fantastic story of the weekends events. Thanks Nick.

Friday 12th may 2017
met at Ingelby arms for very wellcome butties supplied by great hosts Derick and Julie.
final load up or support van crewed by Sue and Steph. Small van driven by Rids.
on the stike of 10 prompt 20 riders left a drizzly Amcotts note we are a man down but rules is rules.
we sally forth towards Keady when in the distance a lone rider  comes towards us Glen better late than never scoots past!
we pull in to lay by and and regroup we are 21 a full squadron of happy troops it's ride time.
A18 to Thorne and on to  snaith. A little lay by moment insecure load ! Straps tensioned and off we go.
we see some silly gets sale past and Dave the w--e asks where are they going we done give a t--s.
slight drizzle but good progress made onto Garforth 1st fuel stop and a little slipped disc sorted and away.
Leeds ring road was a pain big accident caused hot clutches Andy frayed tempers. We left the van behind big mistake! Lay by moment plug change and then we got split up and 4 intrepid rear gunners and support van circum navigated Ilkley to over talked and miss lunch stop. Telephone coms  up graded and the lead group returns! One or too expletives exchanged but all done in the best possible taste.
fuel sourced and we venture towards Skipton and a beautiful views of North Yorkshire Gargrave and onwards making the drizzle bearable. Our front man decides to have  an  unscheduled stop and have coffee with informing the crew but it's ok it's part of his charm.
we meet up with a few guys from Morecambe who have braved the rain to escort us in via some very twisty and undulating roads in what has now become a down pour!!!!
15 miles of very soggy riding.
arrive 1730 hrs at the Hotel a very well come sight park up secure the steeds and check in.
a few swift non alcoholic beverages makes it all worth while. note the support van is empty and we have counted 21 in.
out to weatherspoons for a refresher and vittals .
met up with the morecambe lads and spent an hour talking absolute boll--s
as we had a few miles to do in the morning all crew were tucked up in bed with hot milk by 10 pm prompt.
good night all more to come half the C2C done Bring me sunshine

Bring me sunshine tour C 2 C day 2
Saturday 13th May 2017
Call to breakfast was a steady stream of weary troops.some it seems had over indulged in extra beers!!
The staff at the hotel were superb and filled us all up with a true Lancashire Breakfast and much needed Coffee.
The weather was being cruel and looking out at the vista of sand and mist rally Commander and his sergeants at arms made a decision to set off 1 hour later New departure time 1100 hrs prompt from the Eric Morecambe statue on the promenade.
Scoots were wiped down unlocked and made ready for the second leg of our sorte to Scarborough.
All were informed that we had to turn left out of the hotel and left again as there was a 1 way system in place.
But the beer goggles front man and leader was not listening and we did a tour of the one way system!!!! a few expletives and head shaking were to follow but we do love HIM.
we are place in rank and file order at the Eric monument to be photographed by a budding David Bailey from Morecambe SC.
Photos complete we mount our steeds and count 21 running scoots and a few Morecambe lads to lead us out .
also a guy on an 100 cc Vespa decided to join us on his 1 st ride and thought he could stay with us to Scarborough at 30 mph!! a little word from Wing Commander Hookham and he returned sfae back to Morecambe on Mud.
1st Stop a little Garage in Kirby Lonsdale i think?
Where all were fuelling up and a very calm and regimental manner when a dark foreboding Mercedes pulled in front of a certain shy reclusive rider and the occupants pounced out and demanded he stand back and allow them to grab his knozzle and fuel up they were in a hurry it seems!!
Pleasantries were exchanged and they were on their way to the races/
Riding on we passed White Scar caves and entered a fantastic ride through a huge valley past the Settle Carlisle Viaduct to Hawes a breath taking ride well done to to Pilot who planned this sorte.
fuel in Leyburn and Lunch in Bedale what a cracking ride and YES we have Sunshine.
leaving Bedale we set off over the A1 and towards Thirsk and the dreaded Sutton Bank steeper than the north face of the Eiger some say.
the ever looming ridge approaches and you can see riders throwing any unwanted weight by the wayside but here we go in blocks of 5 riders they set off!
gears are selected revs raised and away steeper and steeper with unforegiving swithbacks snipers in the trees falling trees and boulders cascading from the summit.
once at the top the leader steps from his over heating throbbing beast to count us in the minutes pass and he holds a bated breath as screaming Lambretta and Vespa two strokes 1 by 1 crest the final ridge its a feat of true Grit 21 scoots cool off in the lea of now fondly renamed Hookhams Ridge.
From here on in its all down hill to Scarborough no issues and a very happy and jubilant 21 arrive at the sea with the Sun shining on our Backs.a ride along the front is done in two squads to calm the Ice cream brigade and Candy floss munchers.
check in at the Esplanade 5 star Hotel a few Dust cutters before we venture out for a well earned sasparella and salad i suspect a few of the troops may partake of the local brew and cross the palms of the local Hostel Landlords.
Its been a long day And Sergeant at arms insists lights out at 2100 hrs prompt.
Good Night campers
Last day tomorrow.

Sunday 14th May 0800 hrs The final Push for the Bring me sunshine crew.

a slight over cast day in Scarborough see the intrepid members of the C2C rise from their slumbers and dreams to tackle a monster Breakfast buffet at the Esplanade restaurant.. It was heard in dispatches that a certain greedy member ate three more Tatties than a Pig.

a slight sea fret rolls in covering the saddles with a salty dew soon to wiped clean and luggage stowed in our trusty support van which is still a vast cavern of emptiness.
one can see a gritty steely eyed determination from the squad as bungees are pulled taught helmets pulled on and engines started but oh no! one does not breath fire from its pulsating heart!!!
it was last seen being pushed yes i said pushed down the hill and still no aromatic smell of burning two stroke the Support vans tail lift draw bridge opens and looks to gorge its self on its 1st arrival!!!
but we have the magic fingers of Merlin Dave the engine Knave who after a little bit of jiggery pokery inserts a new spark into the beasts inners and low and behold she breaths fire . the cavernous support portal groans and closes without its fist feed!!
we mount our steeds and set of to wards the Monument of Freddie Gilroy in North Bay i count 21 riders still thwarting the well coming portal of the support van.
But alas we are led in the wrong direction yet again our lead gunner and pilot has a senior moment and turns the wrong way we gather together and head down towards dear Old Freddie and park up to study this wonderful sculpture pictures taken and a little tear shed we head south along with the Eastfield crew  thanks for the hospitality last night.
Southwards we go the weather is good and scoots are on form.
1st stop for fuel and the evil aura of the support van wants to claim again but is pushed back when new spark is put in a wounded steed.
on to the wolds and redemption we ride upon nearing Driffield my steed loses power and the support van swoops down on me but a swift turn and it swoops by Ha Ha thou shall no have me Merlin Dave appears with a new umbilical to revive my mount she lives again the Infidel rides on
Fuel stop in Howden then we cross the Ouse with ease to venture into Goole it has been said that this is a place of evil and birds have been seen flying backwards surely a sign of the devils work!!!
and it comes to pass 21 weary but true Knights of the road and proud Members of the L and L SC enter the Isle of Axholme with just a few miles to go spirits rise and the spires of the isles villages beckon us home
As we enter Amcotts a lovely welcome of wives members and kin folk cheer us in.
We have completed the C2C and i count 21 entering our base at the Ingleby Arms where Beer and food is laid on Thanks Julie and Derick.
our journey is done and time now to contemplate our rally .
Without the Support Crew Sue . Steph and Rids we would have been Lost and Lonely Thank you.
To Wing Commander Hookham and his Sergeants Thank You
To my Fellow Knights and their trusty Steeds Thank You
We must and should do this again.
Regardless of the weather i can say from the bottom of my heart You all have

Latest update  4th May.

Most riders now have the banners, those who haven't, can you pick them up next Thursday, 11th. The back up van will be at the rugby club, between 7 and 9pm. This to drop off everything you need to take with you, tools, oil and your gear for the hotel stops, please ID your gear! It is your responsibility, to ensure you have enough oil, etc. for the trip. anyone on the Isle, can drop there gear off at the pub, on the Thursday night.

If anyone has any spare ratchet straps to put in the van, and an old quilt for packing the scoots in, bring them along. STRAPPING THE SCOOTER IN THE VAN WILL ULTIMATELY BE THE OWNERS RESPONSIBILITY.

WE WILL BE LEAVING THE INGLEBY ARMS AT 10.00 PROMP! The back up van will be there at 09.00, for the gear at the pub to be loaded on, nothing else.

Latest update 5th April.

All places now filled with 21riders, and 3 in the back up team are sorted, along with accommodation at both ends. it was agreed at last nights meeting, to have all riders having breakfast in the hotel at Morecombe (£8.95) This will ensure, we all get set off together at 10.00!

The back up van will be available on the Thursday night, to get town peoples gear in on Thursday. those on the Isle, can take the gear needed in the van, to Ingleby Arms, on the Thursday night, to load in the van on Friday morning. This will give us 10.00 prompt start on Friday.

The riders are raising money for the Lindsey Lodge Hospice, if any club members want to sponsor a rider, feel free to do so!  Thanks in advance.  

Latest update 11th March.

Entries now closed, unless you book your own accommodation. A meeting was held with most of the participants attending. Most paid the outstanding £100 for the event, this covers hotels in Morecombe, breakfast being sorted, and Scarborough, includes breakfast. also included is a scooter banner and ride patch.

Everyone was presented with a pack, which contains all the details. we will set off from the Ingleby arms, to Morecombe on Friday, Scarborough on Saturday, and back to Ingleby arms on the Sunday, via Goole.

Another meeting to be held, as previously, before the main meeting. 

Bring me Sunshine Tour.

You can still book on the tour, UP TO THE END OF FEBRUARY. After that, if you want to come, you are welcome, but you will have to sort out your own accommodation. ALL RIDERS CAN ATTEND THE NEXT MEETING FOR AN UPDATE, IT IS 6.30, AT INGLWEBY ARMS, BEFORE THE MONTHLY CLUB MEETING.

The £20 deposit already paid i s to cover the cost of the recovery van and fuel.

Leg shield banners and patches, £10 for the 2.

Any profits from the van and the banners will go to the club.

The Lothersdale Hotel Morecambe. £41 pp breakfast not included.

There is parking to the rear covered by CCTV but recommend securing your scooter.

The Esplanade Scarborough. £38 pp including breakfast.

There is parking to the rear surrounded by railings so recommend securing your scooter. That then brings a total of £89 and we would appreciate full payment by our April the 4th meeting.

The Route.

A thorough recce run has been carried out to look at petrol stops.

Route cards will be given out to each rider and the round trip is approx. 320 miles, Mobile phone numbers will be given to each rider in the unlikely event of a breakdown Please note!

We all follow the lead rider and even if he goes wrong we all must follow until the mistake is realised.

It is the responsibility of each rider to bring their own petrol and if you have a rack it is to be carried on their Scooter but additional cans will be carried in the van and all cans must be of the correct spec.

A disclaimer to be signed by each rider exempting the Bring me Sunshine Tour and the Lost and Lonely Scooter Club from any responsibilities,


The first run up to Morecambe covers 120 miles.

After leaving Amcotts the first petrol station stop is at 44 miles.

The second petrol station stop is at 36 miles.

The third stop will be made after 30 miles to top up from petrol cans if required. It is then 20 more miles onto our destination at Morecambe.


The Coast to Coast is 125 miles with the first stop at 37 miles.

The second stop is at 44 miles.

After 6 more miles we come to the Sutton Bank Hill which is a gruelling 1 in 4 climb followed by our 3rd stop at a further 33 miles.

We then all stay together for the final 5 miles into Scarborough.


The final run home is back, via Goole allowing us to meet back at our Starting point in Amcotts for a celebratory pint and photo shoot.



We will be giving out sponsorship forms and we will be asking each rider to be sponsored for this ride and hopefully you can raise between £30 and £50. All proceeds are to go to the Lindsey Lodge Hospice which is the chosen Charity of the Lost and Lonely Scooter club.

 Lost and Lonely SC is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2017

To commemorate this milestone for our club a Coast to Coast ride has been planned for 12th May 2017.
This is a Club member event Only.
On Friday 12th May we will make our way to Morecambe where we will overnight. Saturday 13th We will Start the Coast to Coast at the Statue of Eric Morcambe to Scarborough, another overnight.Sunday 14th will see the group head back to the Isle of Axholme home of Lost and Lonely. Beverages and Medals for the Members who complete the Ride.The round trip is approximately 320 miles "not for the faint hearted".
A lot of interest has already been shown by club member's. We will be arranging Back up Vans (Just in case).These will transport luggage and spares to the destinations. No one will be left behind. This is not a race and we anticipate stopping every 90 mins for a short break. Route will be Via A and B roads.Accommodation will be sourced before hand, we will try to have everyone together. A charge will be made to cover cost of Back up Vans and Accommodation. Any profits will go towards L&L Anniversary Day.
Also we would like rider to Get sponsors for the Ride ( 20-30p) per mile or something like that. Proceeds go to Lyndsey Lodge Hospice.Which is the Clubs Charity of Choice.Please register your interest with either Rick Hookham, Steve Cottam, Ian (Wilko) Wilkinson or Chris McGlone. The sooner the better.

Here is the proposed route to Morecambe.
This is to be confirmed and a dummy run will be carried out before hand. All A+B roads.The Isle of Axholme to Selby. 32 miles. Selby To Otley 34 miles. Otley to Skipton 16 miles. Skipton to Morecambe 46 miles.Approx. 130 miles with 3 stops..
Here a route Across to Scarborough all have a look and let us know if its feasible or needs changes.

Start: Eric Morecambe Statue
Head north-east on Marine Rd Central/A589 towards Green St
Continue to follow A589
Go through 1 roundabout
0.7 Continue onto Marine Rd E/A5105
Continue to follow A5105
3.5 Slight left onto Bye-Pass Rd/Hatlex Bridge/A6
Continue to follow Bye-Pass Rd/A6
3.8 Turn right onto St Michael's Ln
4.0 Turn right onto Main Rd
4.0 Turn left onto The Nook
4.0 Slight left onto Bolton Ln
5.1 Continue onto Main Rd
6.3 Turn right
7.8 Turn left onto Kirkby Lonsdale Rd
8.6 Continue onto B6254
16.0 Turn right onto Bentinck Dr/A65
Continue to follow A65
22.2 Turn left onto Croft Rd/B6255
Continue to follow B6255
38.8 Turn right onto Turfy Hill/A684
Continue to follow A684
47.7 Arrive: A684, Aysgarth, Leyburn DL8 3AH, UK
  Section time: 1 h 23 min, Total time: 1 h 23 min
47.7 Start: A684, Aysgarth, Leyburn DL8 3AH, UK
Head east on A684 towards Garths Ln
55.4 At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Market Pl/A684
Continue to follow A684
65.8 At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on A684
66.1 Turn right onto The Wynd
66.2 Turn left at Wycar
66.3 Turn left
Partial restricted-usage road
66.3 Arrive: 12A Market Pl, Bedale DL8 1EQ, UK
  Section time: 34 min 22 s, Total time: 1 h 57 min
66.3 Start: 12A Market Pl, Bedale DL8 1EQ, UK
Head south-west
Partial restricted-usage road
66.4 Turn right towards Sussex St/B6268
66.5 Sharp left onto Sussex St/B6268
66.6 Turn left onto B6285
66.6 Turn right onto Bridge St/A684
Continue to follow A684
68.4 At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Northallerton Rd/A684
Continue to follow A684
73.5 At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Boroughbridge Rd/A167
74.1 At the roundabout, take the 4th exit onto Racecourse Ln
74.4 Turn right onto Thirsk Rd/A168
Continue to follow A168
81.1 At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Stockton Rd/A61
Continue to follow A61
82.4 At the roundabout, continue straight onto Long St/A61
82.7 At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Sutton Rd/A170
Continue to follow A170
96.3 At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Bondgate/A170
Continue to follow A170
122.1 At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Racecourse Rd/A170
Continue to follow A170
125.6 At the roundabout, continue straight onto Falsgrave Rd
125.8 Turn right onto Seamer Rd/A64
125.8 Turn left onto St James Rd
126.0 At the roundabout, take the 1st exit
126.0 Continue onto Valley Rd
126.2 At the roundabout, take the 1st exit and stay on Valley Rd
126.7 At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Vernon Rd
126.8 At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Falconers Rd
126.9 Continue onto St Nicholas St
127.1 Continue onto St Thomas St
Destination will be on the left
127.1 Arrive: 11-15 St Thomas St, Scarborough YO11, UK

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